Sunday, 30 December 2012

Published on Vogue Italia

Dear all,

I wanted to share with you an image from the recent Nosferatu shoot that has been accepted by the Vogue Italia editorial board. Needless to say I am very pleased as this is not an easy thing to achieve. :)  I am working hard on my work getting more of an editorial feel to it and for me this is a step forward in the right direction.

The following is the image as it appears on Vogue Italia with their logo on, it is a low-res image and I will publish a better quality one when I add the full blog post for this shoot.

published by Vogue Italia 18/12/12
Norwich based actress Melanie Manson as Lucy Westenra in a Nosferatu inspired shoot published on Vogue Italia 18.12.12
I wish you all a great start for 2013 and hope it will bring you happiness. x

Saturday, 1 December 2012

sneak preview Nosferatu shoot

Life has been busy and I need to catch up with my blogging!  Lots to post and little time at the moment, which, is probably a good thing :)

I just wanted to show you a sneaky preview shot from my recent Nosferatu inspired shoot.  I will go into what this is about in a longer blog post, I hope, but I need to give massive credit to my collaborators on this shoot.  Their professionalism and level of talent and committment deserves a lot of praise, following my ideas through all through from the initial planning. It is great to work in sync and let ideas develop in all stages of a shoot. 

Kudos for the fabulous vintage styled make up go to Hannah Melnyk Bohemian Love Story,
Gini Newton for costumes and period styling
Alex Helm and Melanie Manson, both fabulous actors, based in Norwich

Well, here is my first photograph from the set.  I hope you like it and would love to read your comments...

Melanie Manson as Mina Harker in a Nosferatu inspired editorial shoot

I will post the rest of the images soon!  Have a lovely weekend x

Friday, 12 October 2012

The Siren

It's looking more winter than autumn out there today and I thought of fishing out work that will hopefully take your imagination somewhere warm and far away.

This is a project I had been wanting to do for a while.  I wasn't sure I would get the mood that I wanted, from what is essentially a beach shoot, so I had a lot of thinking to do.  

The beautiful Brazilian, Norwich based model, Amanda Santos, was the clear choice for my subject, her graceful curves flowing with the curves in the sand, and the angle of the sun creating the right amount of shadow to add definition to what would have been otherwise a flat image.  There is a distinct air of bravery of the subject who seems to be fighting all that is happening around her but also a beauty and command which is somewhat surreal...

The final image was created by stitching a series of shots to be able to create the level of detail required.

Kudos go to Amanda for her patience in the blazing sun and to my friend Rainbo for the help with sculpturing the waves and sky.

Amanda Santos as a Siren photographed for an editorial shoot

I hope you like the final image .... and please do leave your comments ....

As you will have realised by looking at my work, my portraiture is not straightforward image shooting and I can create something for you that fits your personality and is totally original.
Please give me a call if you have any ideas you would like to take forward to create a stunning and totally individual set of images.

07748 197522

Have a lovely weekend! :)

Thursday, 20 September 2012

architecture & buildings with character

I recently had the opportunity to photograph the University College Suffolk building near the Waterfront in Ipswich, aptly named the Waterfront Building.  The building can be described as bold but also contemporary and the graceful curves which circumscribe it somehow seem to extend upwards as well as outwards.  Because of this illusion, images of the building taken from different aspects  seem to merge into continuity.

I post processed the images with quite a grungy feel and underexposed the shots to get maximal detail in both the glass and the sky, the clouds adding interest to the reflections in the glass.

I enjoy shooting buildings as architecture has always been of interest to me - from the baroque to the modern there is always something to catch my attention and I am constantly observing buildings to see how they are changing with time, as social, economical and environmental factors leave their mark.

Hope you like this image set - do leave a comment at the end of the post if you find this work of interest.  Thank you! :)


Friday, 14 September 2012

bellezza in flagrante...

I only recently realised that I haven't yet blogged about this series, a wedding themed shoot for Norfolk's own Cancer Charity, Big C, a few months back .  However today I will blog about one particular image I picked up this week.  I occasionally look back at image sets and try and post process them again, when I am in a different mood.

I chose this image of Poppy Keith to look back at this time.  I love the way her hair flies across her face, just like a poster for a manga book or film would, but with the soft curls giving a completely different effect, the door providing a narrative to add to the surprise and movement in her pose, whilst the colours of the foliage complement the scene and do not detract away from it. 

'Bellezza in Fragrante' is beauty caught red-handed, which to me describes the image perfectly....
I hope you love it as much as I do :)

bridal portrait fashion

Contact me for commercial and fashion assignments as well as portrait photography, in Norfolk and Hertfordshire.  I am always looking for exciting projects to work on. :)


Saturday, 4 August 2012

Nice Surprises

I seriously don't know which of the two scenes I preferred, the pub landlord's face as he opened a box to find a signed 18x12 mounted print of a scene involving his business premises, with the pub patrons peering over each other's back to see what he was smiling at, or my son's big smile at watching the whole scene unfold and later telling me that the landlord's expression was priceless...

The pub landlord hadn't been expecting anything from me... he gave me permission to use his premises for a shoot and I promised I'd show him some finished work...

It is so nice to give people something extra, something they didn't pay for or request

I like to make people happy, it makes me happy -  so I go a longer way than they expect.  I always have something up my sleeve, something I have thought about after our first meeting, and something I work on during our shoot and often afterwards.

Then when we meet again to look at photos, there is that little something special, that extra service or add on they weren't expecting, not just the quality of the images, the special moments captured, the quality of the prints and products.... 
just because it's me and this is the way I do things , above and beyond... just so that I can see that delighted look on my client's face.  Only then is my job done :)

Friday, 27 July 2012

Vigilance, and contracts...

This news is doing the rounds in the Wedding Photography world this week.  Ex Wedding Photographer and Entrepreneur Gary Fong was sent information from a wedding photographer about clients threatening a 300k dollar lawsuit for, incredibly.... GOOD work.  We normally read stories about photographers that have lost data, were thoroughly incompetent, or failed to deliver the goods, but this story is a warning  for all photographers who take a nonchalant approach with clients.

Have a look at the video first:

I won't go into the technicalities about why this lawsuit may be quashed in court.  The letter sent by the attorney seems highly unprofessional and I have no knowledge about the law in different US states.  However the point to be made here is that you always treat a client, however nice, flattering or friendly  as they a client. 

Many professional photographers who regularly blog, are afraid to say the truth about the industry.  All their clients are gorgeous, fun to work with and their weddings are a joy to photograph.  It doesn't take much to realise this is not the real world they are talking about. Some clients can be very difficult to work with, and this is not only in the wedding world.  They could be any kind of client really.  

The difficult bit is when clients are extra flattering about one's work.  In the industry we've all been through this... lots of sweet talking that makes you feel weak at the knees and highly esteemed.  Wow, you think..  why don't I have more of these clients?  The aim is, of course, to get more out of you than you normally would, or should offer...  hmm...
Of course there are the real nice people that are genuine and that you will love working with and for, but there are also the nasty ones who make your life hell, either before the shooting or afterwards.

For me this story is just a reminder not to forget the basis of a professional relationship, trust and honesty, and making sure all the paperwork is relevant, agreed to in all detail and that the contract is honoured in its' totality.  If you can afford to, walk away from people who you're not sure of, that saves you hassle and problems that others can have...  Well that's my policy anyway...

Have a great weekend! :)

Sunday, 8 July 2012

On Landguard Point

It was about a year ago, that I got what I thought was a weird phone call at the time.  I was asked if I was available to photograph a film production that was happening in Great Yarmouth. The line was very bad and I didn't quite get all the details, though I did call the person back to enquire for more information.  I wasn't sure whether I was scared or thrilled!!  

I was informed Pacitti Company were working on a short film for the cultural Olympiad and they needed a photographer to shoot stills from the filming they were doing locally.  The weird thing is that they also needed someone to play the part of a photographer using a large land camera (an old style wooden camera that carried glass photographic plate and had bellows).  Eek!  I'm not quite confident having a photo taken, so you can imagine what I feel about being filmed!!

However, this was an opportunity too good to miss, so I accepted the assignment with some trepidation! :)  

The London 2012 Cultural Olympiad is the largest cultural celebration in the history of the modern Olympic and Paralympic Movement.  On Landguard Point' is the representation for the East of England and reflects the director, Robert Pacitti's love for the coast of East Anglia and in particular, Landguard Point, the last coastal defence built in this part of the coast in 1639You can read more about Robert's perspective on making the film here, together with links to the project's official website

I turned up to the old skating rink in Great Yarmouth on the afternoon of the shoot with a lot of concern regarding my attire.  I had been asked to discuss my choice of clothing for the filming with the team and I had narrowed my choice down to a couple of outfits.  The day being hot and muggy made it easy to grab a frilly black warehouse dress that fitted into the vintage theme.  

The skating rink was full of activity when I arrived, with the filming crew all ready to roll, and all the participants practicing, his Worship the Lord Mayor of Great Yarmouth, the naval cadets, Parkers Donkeyworld and their handlers, Great Yarmouth Brass and TS Fearless, The Crystallette Twirlers and me, still not sure what to expect.  

The instructions flowed quick and direct, I had to move into the scene at a signalled point, vintage camera firmly in my grip, place it on the marked spots, drape myself in a black cloth behind the view finder and signal to the group that the shot was about to be taken.  We practiced three times, for what seemed like forever, and the firework that was due to accompany my shooting action had to be aborted because it didn't fire on demand (I was quite looking forward to that! Sigh)

Here are some images I took that afternoon during the practice, however the image that did make it to the film is bound by copyright and only appears on the film :)  It appears very bright as a photograph laid on a desk, surrounded by objects that connect to the story.  I am so, so proud of that bit!! :)


We were duly invited to the cast and contributing crew's premiere of 'On Landguard Point' at the Corn Exchange in Ipswich two weeks ago, so we very excitedly made our way down the coast to see what came out of this teeny contribution....

I took the opportunity to capture a few moments of the premiere, with Robert Pacitti being interviewed on the red carpet, his introduction to the project in the theatre and my second of fame in the film credits.  The images could not capture my excitement at seeing what came out of the filming in Great Yarmouth and my delight that the vintage photographer scene was retained as well as my image of the participants on the day in another scene. :)

The film in itself  has some wonderful photography as well as a fascinating insight in to the directors perspective on his much loved land of origin. The film was filmed in the six counties that constitute the East of England and offer different stories that all link together in a loose but very artistic way.   I must say I was very impressed to see what Pacitti Company have achieved in this project and will be following their future activities.

'On Landguard Point' will be shown at the Latitude Festival near Southwold next weekend, as well as some Theatres in the East so add it to your calendar if you'd like to watch. :)

Meanwhile, if you are filming and are looking for a photographer to document the events and play a part in the filming, I may just be tempted! ;)

Friday, 15 June 2012

70's styled photoshoot

I'm so pleased with the outcome of this shoot I decided it just had to take precedence over lot of other projects I've been undertaking, all of which I'm proud of...
However, this shoot involves something very special for me and very 70's!

The concept of the shoot was around portraying the 70's a little differently to what we are seeing in magazines and vintage styled shoot.  Less about the clothing but more about lifestyle.  The 70's were a long and ever changing period stylistically so I clung on to the early period in terms of clothing, styling and image post processing.  I allowed myself to be a little bit more playful this time with my image manipulation, using polaroid and holga style looks to create either a postcard style or kitsch look.  I also wanted to recreate the look of motoring mags and car brochures of the period, stuff I happily thumbed though as a little one, from my dad's collection.

But what really made the shoot was the lovely Lotus Elan we were graciously allowed to use, thanks to Celia and Mark, a beautiful Sprint S4 drophead coupe in perfect condition.  I made best use of the time available during make up and prep to drool over it, feel the lovely click of closing doors and glove box, and thumb through a perfect handbook. 

I grew up looking forward to Sundays drives, and time in the Elan was spent on the tunnel behind my parents in the teeny space in the tunnel behind my parents, listening to the carbs rumbling as the wind blowed in my hair.  So what better 70's recreation than to have models driving down the lovely Norfolk countryside in an Elan?  Perfect!

Joy and Matthew were perfect models for the shoot, both in terms of the look, as well as for gelling well notwithstanding none of us had worked together before.  Suzie Townsend recreated the 70's look for both of them, and which looked lovely on Joy's porcelain complexion.  It was indeed a great team for a fun shoot. 

Now for some images!

Paul took some video clips of me shooting- this is quite an uncharacteristic moment with me being quiet, rather than directing, but this allowed the models to engage in conversation and look more natural.


This is my favourite shot, with Joy and Matt appearing to panic as they come across a ford.  In fact the water was just a few inches deep.  The effect was achieved by shooting low, close to the water surface.  I've followed the shot with a tiny clip which shows me trying to balance in the slimy water using a stepladder rather like a Zimmer :))


To have a look at the full set of images, have a look at my facebook business page, and do 'like' the page if you find the work interesting :)

If you want a portrait shoot that recreates a mood or a period of time do get in touch to discuss what we can offer.  Creative projects are very important to me and you are guaranteed a fun experience as well as having a great project planning team and photography.

I will be having a stand at the Norfolk Show with Dead Good Designs (Stand 21, Avenue 7) and look forward to seeing you there.  If you mention the password 'Lotus' to me you will get a 10% discount on orders taken during that week. ;)
Look forward to seeing you there :)

Models: Matt Meazey & Joy Cruikshank
Make up - Suzie Townsend
Car - Celia & Mark
Clothing and Styling - myself
Vintage Cameras and video - Paul Davis
Assisting - Paul Davis & Mathew Muscat

PS apologies for the apparent alignment and editing errors but blogger really doesn't want to play!

Friday, 1 June 2012

Dear Queen

It is a weekend and bank holidays full of celebrations here in the UK.  Queen Elizabeth has been on the throne for 60 years and her kingdom is about to celebrate this wonderful diamond jubilee.

I have thought long and hard about how to produce a personal tribute to the Queen mulling ideas for several months.  I thought about ways about creating an image that the queen would be pleased with, that celebrates her resilience, magnamity and wisdom.  However, for many reasons, I crossed off each and every idea I had.  None of the models I thought of would look like her, the clothing would not be regal enough and I had no stunning location at hand to photograph in.  Nothing would be good enough to pass on to Her Majesty as a thank you and a sign of respect from me.  I am just able to say Thank You in a virtual way and imagine I am paying respect to a Queen I admire and respect.

Why should all this come from a foreigner, I hear you say, and why specifically me?

Queen Elizabeth has always had a very special tie with Malta.  

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh married on November 20, 1947, and Malta is the only country outside the UK where they have lived.

Prince Philip served there with the Royal Navy between 1949 and 1951, during which period the Queen (then Princess Elizabeth) visited several times, the longest visit being from November 1950 to February 1951.

They returned to the island in 1954, 1967, 1992 and 2005.

Her Majesty has been known to reminisce about lengthy stays as a young Monarch in Malta and is said to cherish memories of being able to drive around the Island quite freely.  She is also said to miss visiting Villa Portelli in Pieta’, her residence in the Island.

Although there has always been a strong anti-colonial feeling within the Maltese which ultimately led to the island becoming a republic, even today there is a strong connection with the Queen, especially from the older generation.  It is within this environment that I grew up as a child.

How does all this link up with me, you will ask!

In 2005 I was in the middle of a very difficult court case.  I had separated from my husband  after a breakdown of our marriage, and had been granted legal separation and custody of our son.  My financial situation was fraught and I was looking at our future.  My hope was to be able to move to the UK with my son Matt, but under Maltese law it was very difficult or nearly impossible to do so with a child.  In total I had gone through 6 lawyers, who were all happy to take my money, but not to give me a positive outcome (this is before I engaged the 7th and successful one!)

One day after school, the then 10 year old Matt bounded up to me and suggested he wanted to speak to the Queen, I sort of ignored him, as you do when one if faced with such statements.  He said he had a plan.  The Queen was due to visit, and his school, like others, was invited to an event where, as is customary in foreign visits by Royals, she met with schoolchildren.  He said he might be able to stand in a place where he could ask her a favour.  The last thing I’d do to Matt was to dash his hopes so I gave him my blessing to do what he wanted.

Matt came back from that event very upset, he said none of his school mates were anywhere near to the Queen and he had really wanted to speak to her.

I suggested he might want to write to her.  She might not be the Queen of Malta anymore, but maybe, as the head of the Commonwealth, it would be sort of OK to write to her.

Now anybody who knows Matt will appreciate that he does not like to write to anybody, so seeing him scribble his pleas just made me feel so sad that he had to go through this.  No child should ever have to plead! 

A few weeks later, this letter drops through my postbox... it bears the insignia ERII and I tremble....
I call Matt, who asks me for help with opening the letter....

How can it be that so many people I met with over the years to move my case forward, notable people, members of the Parliament, government employees who influenced local policy, often snubbed my requests and a Queen, not even of my own country, takes the bother to read my son’s scribbles and reply??!
She replied not once, but twice, after Matt updated her on how we failed to make any progress...

The Queen’s reply per se obviously did nothing in itself to change our legal position – Jack Straw was in no position to comment on individual cases, and we were not under his remit really.  However it gave us so much energy to drive the whole thing through.  Matt felt empowered, and our lawyer felt that if Matt had the initiative to write like that then he certainly had what it took to make himself heard clearly within a Maltese court of Law, which he did, in a small but powerful voice.

I’m not sure if it is OK to refer to the Queen as Dear, but I will do so now, reverentially.  

Dear Queen, thank you for listening to the children.  You are an example to individuals both here and within the Commonwealth.  Thank you for being a kind mother.

I am your faithful servant.


Thursday, 26 April 2012

Long Exposures - The Vauxhall Bridge Great Yarmouth

Although I am mostly a people photographer, I have a passion for architechtural detail and I love to do long exposures.  There is something magic about going out in near pitch dark with a camera and tripod and capturing light in a completely unusual and often unnatural looking manner.
Long exposures are images in which shutter speeds are very long, just because it takes a long time for the little available light to create a digital image.  Because the duration of the exposure is too long to be safely hand held, you will need a tripod, and often a  degree of patience and several layers of warm clothing.
The image I have for you today is a long exposure of the Vauxhall Bridge in Great Yarmouth, just by the Train station.  In fact the bridge was designed to take railway locomotives back in the 19th century as well as provide a footpath for pedestrians.  Unfortunately this beautiful bridge had fallen in disrepair, but is now being renovated, thanks to National Lottery Funding.  This link gives some extra detail on the planned works.
This is my take on the Vauxhall Bridge at night, works are already in progress to the left hand side of the image, on the main bridge however I still managed to capture the character of the old bridge before it's blasted and painted back to glory.

For the techies, this is a 30 second exposure at 100ISO at F7.1.  No additional lighting was used.  Hope you like the image and look forward to your comments.  I'm going to fish out a few long exposures from my archives as well as photograph new ones soon, so watch this space! :)

Friday, 13 April 2012

photographing Carol's Get Bendy Yoga

I met Carol Wilkinson a few months ago when we joined the Business Growth Group course at the UEA.  The course was a very informative and helped me understand where my business was and determined where I wanted it to go in the near future.  It also allowed me to meet a number of great business people who have insipired me and shared their expertise and knowledge with us all.

Carol runs a business called Get Bendy and teaches Yoga as well as runs vintage Airstream holidays for Yoga fantatics.  She asked me to shoot some promotional images for her and I was very happy to oblige with some creative work...  The shoot was held in two parts, indoors at the Pennoyer Centre in Pulham St Mary, and outdoors at Burlingham Hall.

As Carol is marketing Retro Yoga we looked at the Womens League of Health and Beauty for some inspiration and lo and behold Carol and the girls were ready on the day with some interesting poses for me to photograph. 

Both shoots were lots of fun, though admittedly I enjoy outdoors work more ;)  Burlingham Hall is ideal for some outdoors fun and the weather and the light were just right even though spring had only just sprung when we photographed this.  

Have a look at the images and let me know what you think... I've started with my favourite! :)

By the way, this is my 100th blog post.  Not bad for one who thought she wouldn't manage blogging :)

Have a lovely weekend!  x

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Full post 'Bridal with a twist' shoot

'Bridal with a twist' was a collaborative project I recently organised together with the help of two talented East Norfolk professionals.  Patricja Szubska was the MUA for the shoot and Lynn Barrow is a floral stylist and NAFAS demonstrator.  Both were really happy to take on my idea of creating two competely different looks loosely based on bridal wear.  

I am always keen to produce work that is not easily classified.  I had planned for this work to look as if it was something a creative bride could consider, but hopefully this set also reflects a fashion take on bridal. I'm also keen on demonstrating my versatility as a photographer and being able to produce sets of images that are totally different in look and feel within the same shoot.

It was also my first studio shoot, so I am particularly pleased it all went as per plan.  Although I do not operate from a studio, and am technically a location photographer, I am all the while using studio techniques in a forever changing environment (which could be a client's home or office or out in the elements),  and therefore  the fact of shooting in studio was not too daunting for me as it is actually easier to shoot in a studio within a controlled environment.

The first look chosen was a darker look:  we chose a gold skirt with bodice and dark red flowers and intense makeup made for a hollywood look, accentuated by rembrant lighting via a fresnel lens.

As suggested, the second look was completely different.  A vintage early 70's gown was coupled with white flowers and tulle to create a much brighter look. Patricja went for a modern look in terms of make up, which really suited the model and fitted in with our plan.  I photographed Justyna via two strobes with softboxes, one at 45 degrees to model right and the second strobe acting as a backlight, shooting via white tulle.  The falloff of light from this second strobe made for a more interesting background.

Let me know which set you prefer and why, it will be interesting to see your point of view.... and comments  are welcome! :)

I am preparing for a bigger shoot on the same theme in the next few weeks, and am on the lookout for suitably talented hairstylist to join my team.  Get in touch if you would like to collaborate.

In the meanwhile, hope you have a great week! x

Monday, 12 March 2012

photographing Matthew....

My son can be the most difficult subject to photograph, just because he is...  and it's my fault to a degree!

I've been poking SLR's at him since he was a baby, and as a child he was totally relaxed in front of a camera and happy to play, and not just literally.  However, apart from the fact that I now need to drag him away from World of Warcraft to shoot a decent location photograph of him, as any teen, he will now question the need to have a photograph taken.

As my shoots are growing in scale and complexity I often have Matt with me as an assistant (hopefully this helps him with his A-level photography).  This gives me the opportunity to do test shots on him.  Initially he wasn't too pleased to be involved in this, until he saw the images! :)

He is now pleased that I am able to photograph him in a different way, not as the giggly sweet curly headed boy, but as a more mature Matt, with a (as he calls it!) bad ass look.

I am pleased... pleased that I had more photos of Matt, and that I manage to get in a shot what he is really like, with that look in the eye that shows me he means business :)

Get in touch if you would like some "badass" images of yourself, or your teen ;)  I'm always up for any creative projects you may have in mind....

Sunday, 4 March 2012

sneaky peek from yesterday's shoot

I haven't eaten properly for two days, and feeling slightly sick now... but must post this for you guys to see before I log off for the day :)

Part one of an ongoing project, held yesterday in a local studio that is not normally available for commercial use ;)  Pretty chuffed with the results it having been my first shoot in a studio and having fashion and photography students around! :)  Can I say I was a bit tense yesterday morning!!

Be back with more this week, promise! :)

Would love to hear from you so please add your comments below! :)

Friday, 2 March 2012

hanging on

it's the eve of an important shoot I've been planning for months, my head is hazy with tiredness and an amount of self inflicted pressure to produce work of a high level... I should be finishing off checking my bags and making sure all batteries are on charge, but like every evening, my brain is still working and churning thoughts and ideas, whilst my body yearns for rest...

It's been a difficult time recently, because I often look back and see how hard I've been working to get to my goals.  I tend not to dwell on successes and just trundle ahead, but occasionally the strain of difficulties gets to me and brings me down.  I do not find the technical side of photography difficult, and I thank God I have been blessed with the ability to learn fast.  I find the dealing with people occasionally difficult, particularly when dealing with people who are judgemental and think they know me or what I can do.  I've been snubbed so many times recently, and sometimes I find it hard to ignore things and steam ahead and focus on the bigger picture...  The physical and emotional strain of creating work that defines a portfolio, and of generally being ahead of the competition can be great.

Often, when I lay my head on the pillow, I fall asleep quickly, however my brain races on in the night, and I visualise concepts that are floating in my head... I travel far and somehow, people I only just got to know get to meet people I have always known, and complicated stories fill my sleep.

The night before I had a visit from a person that is close to me in some way.  I was aware of their presence and I know I was crying in my sleep.  When I woke up I knew something had happened as my face was blotched and my eyes were red, as if I cried all night.  I cannot recall who the person was or even if I know them... however I know what they said to me and that was the most important thing for me as they told me to hang on... life is tough, hard and difficult and people can be nasty, however, I now know I will get there.

A part of me is sorry that I cannot recognise the person who came to see me, however it does not matter, as they left me the important message they were sent to deliver....

I just wanted to say thank you for caring, for letting me cry and be me, and for giving me courage.  You so know how much I needed that... x



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